Academia Obscura lectures

An Academia Obscura lecture is not your average academic lecture.

Over the course of a highly amusing hour,1 you will be taken on a journey through the hidden silly side of higher education, a parallel world of cat co-authors, cars on campus rooftops, and chickens.


Skeptics in the Pub, Malmö, May 2016

Academia is a veritable bazaar of bizarreness, and the talk has something to please every taste. Younger academics will enjoy exploring the inner workings of the academic twittersphere, from hilarious hashtags to parodying professors, while seasoned academics will appreciate a tongue-in-cheek critique of the traditional publication process: journals charging for blank pages, sharp-tongued peer reviewers, and chronic self-citation.



A silly lecture must be accompanied by a silly powerpoint. Academia Obscura powerpoints are guaranteed to be written in 100% organic comic sans and to keep faculty talking for weeks to come. The usual sleep-inducing graphs and charts are foregone in favour of pooping penguins, falling pandas and unicorns.

Ditch the suit and tie (and the elbow patches) for an evening, straighten out your h-index, and prepare to see the Ivory Tower you know and love (to hate) in a whole new light.

A per diem is of course appreciated, but if you can cover transport/accommodation, I’ll happily come to your institution and talk my nonsense. Get in touch for enquiries or more information. 


  1. If there is free beer, the lecture may continue indefinitely.
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