Academic Cats Hall of Fame

1. F.D.C Willard (Chester)

The first true academic cat, F.D.C. Willard has published peer-reviewed physics papers as both a co-author and a sole author. Chester was almost invited to present his work at a scientific conference, and was considered for tenure at his university.
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Chester, aka. F.D.C. Willard

Chester, aka. F.D.C. Willard

2. Jordan

Every day, Jordan leaves his home at the friary at Edinburgh University and heads to the university’s main library to be petted and to sleep in his favourite turquoise chair. A hit amongst students, he has his own facebook page and has been issued a library card.
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Copyright: Sean Moran


3. Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat has been making the internet smile with terrible chemistry puns since 2011.
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4. ?

The winner of the Second Annual Academics with Cats Awards will become the first Mice Chancellor of Academia Obscura and will be inducted into the Academic Cats Hall of Fame.

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