Academics with Cats Awards: the results are in!


Over 1000 people voted in the First Annual Academics with Cats Awards and the results are in!

We will be announcing the winners and runners up from Friday 16 January 2015 – one category will be announced daily, culminating in the grand finale, Cats and their Academics on Friday 23 January 2015.

In case you have already forgotten their furry little faces, you can see all the nominees here.

Winners will be announced as follows:

  • Friday 16 January: Cats with Computers
  • Saturday 17 January: Cats with Books
  • Sunday 18 January: Cats with Papers
  • Monday 19 January: Unhelpful Office Buddies
  • Tuesday 20 January: Special Mentions
  • Wednesday 21 January: Scholarly Cats
  • Thursday 22 January: Best Photography
  • Friday 23 January: Cats and Their Academics

The winners will be announced first via Twitter, then posted below.

female1-DrDeborahFishermale1-chrisbrooke female2-JesMHillmale2-jbardhan







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