The PhD Path Less Travelled: share your story!

Hello everyone!

I just found out that at the end of April I will be taking over the Wiley Exchanges blog for one week. I have chosen to theme the week around the title The PhD Path Less Travelled.

I want to question the idea that the PhD is, or should be, a rigid 3-5 year full-time process, and discuss how non-standard PhD processes can provide valuable life skills and experience. I also want to discuss alternative PhD models that are more conducive to having these experiences, and how universitiescan better support their students to make the most of their PhD.

The posts will be personal, telling stories and sharing experiences. I want to connect with people with a range of PhD experiences and outcomes, and invite them to share these with the world:

Please get in touch if you:

  • Have had a particularly unusual PhD journey that you’d like to share;
  • Have found that your PhD journey has prepared you well for a career in research;
  • Have had a bad PhD experience, felt unsupported by your university, or overwhelmed by the commitments you were expected to take on;
  • Have an interesting international experience to share (I always hear about UK, US, and Australia – I’m keen to learn about the PhD process elsewhere);
  • Have done your PhD part-time, in your spare time, or in some other format!

Tweet me @AcademiaObscura, leave a comment below, or email glen[@]academiaobscura[dotcom] (anti-spam nonsense, you know the drill!).

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