Bored or High? #2: walking on water

Speaking not at all from personal experience, I can picture the following study being conceived in a smokey lounge in the shoddy digs of some second year physics students. “Like, dude, imagine if there was a bit less gravity on Earth, and we could walk on water, and stuff”… Also this. And so it is that a group of Italian researchers,1 set up a study to figure out how much gravity needs to be relaxed before humans can walk on water, a feat ordinarily “precluded by body size and proportions, lack of appropriate appendages, and limited muscle power.” These researchers had access to some serious kit, because not only did they “use a hydrodynamic model to predict the gravity levels at which humans should be able to run on water”, they also tested the model using a reduced gravity simulator, like so.

The model they used had been expounded to explain how the rather awesome Basilik Lizard runs on water:

The conclusion?

The results showed that a hydrodynamic model of lizards running on water can also be applied to humans, despite the enormous difference in body size and morphology.

Good to know.

  1. According to the UNODC, Italy has the 7th highest use of cannabis in the world. Just saying. See